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 Every now and then a new company appears on the market of non-bank loans, which grants quick loans via the Internet or an attractive promotion offered by an existing lender. It is often an opportunity to borrow money on really favorable terms. In this section we will present the latest information from the industry, we will provide information on new loan services along with brief descriptions of their offer.

We will also try to inform the website users about the latest promotions as soon as possible. In addition, this department will be full of the latest information from the broadly understood financial industry.

Offers for new non-bank loans and promotions:

Offers for new non-bank loans and promotions:

The latest promotion from Nana Luders involves a significant reduction in the cost of installment loans in the amount of usd 1,000 to 10,000, contracted for a period of 4-48 months.

If we decide to do so, we can count on the APRC of 7.77% and the cost of the loan not exceeding usd 1606 with the maximum loan amount and the maximum repayment period. However, to take advantage of this attractive offer, you must meet several conditions set by Nana Luders.

First of all, only new customers must take out such loans

Secondly – when applying for a loan they cannot have any other obligation, even in another company. Thirdly – the Nana Luders customer must demonstrate at least one loan repayment in a timely manner at another loan institution and recorded in the BIK within 1 year before submitting the application.

The promotion has therefore been prepared for reliable customers who have a good credit history and pay their debts on time. We should also remember about the basic conditions for granting the loan, which are: 21 years of age, possession of a valid ID and income.

Holiday voucher for usd 2,000 to be won at Kline Credit

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All persons who from February 25 to March 31 this year. they will take out a loan at Kline Credit, they can take part in a summer competition prepared by this lender. Together with the travel agency Itaka, Kline Credit guarantees as many as 10 holiday vouchers worth usd 2,000 to be redeemed by January 20, 2021.

To win one of them, you must have an active loan of any parameters within the set time limit, up to usd 3,000 for the first and up to usd 5,000 for the second loan, as well as send an advertising slogan for the Kline Credit brand using your personal customer profile on the loan service.

It should also be remembered that the conditions that must be met in order to receive a loan remain unchanged and are: completed 20 years, current ID card, personal bank account and creditworthiness. The results of the competition along with the winning slogans will be announced by April 19 on the Kline Credit website on Facebook.

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